This is me

Hi! My name is Luca Milletti and I am a freshman at Lehigh University, exploring the depths of literature via blog posts in my English class. I am originally from San Francisco, California. Although I am an engineer, I have always had a hidden love for reading and writing because my high school pushed writing and reading skills on its students so much; on the other hand, I have been out of touch with literature for so long and I am looking to rekindle that love for genres I used to enjoy reading so much. Out of all of the literature I have read, I enjoy reading horror, fiction and realistic fiction the most, and my favorite series of books have been the Harry Potter series and, when I was younger, the Percy Jackson series. I am looking forward to posting more on this site and I am hoping to push my boundaries of interaction with the texts I read via this blog post.

6 thoughts on “This is me

  1. I loved Harry Potter too, and I have never read the Percy Jackson series nor heard of it, so now my interest is tweaked, and I am looking forward to discovering that series. It is good to have you join us all here. Charles French is just full of interesting things to share; you will never be bored. I am enjoying the blogging so much more than plain Facebook or some of the other social media because it is so much more in depth. Thank you for your contribution to this blog, and welcome!!! Anne

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